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Targeted Research

Absolute focus on the target group of customers who would guarantee the most productive results.

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Forecasted Leads

TACTQ provides state-of-art sales forecast methodologies which estimate your growth and development impeccably

Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing

Drive your sales pipeline and get the highest return on investment for any strategic business plan.

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Integrated Solutions

Developing efficiencies through unified marketing experience.

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Data Stewardship

One stop solution to synchronize, complete manage, design, and build data lifecycle.

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Data Quality Management

High quality data visualizations to excite and share key intelligence about your business.

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Customer Insights & Analytics

TACTQ enables organizations and enterprises to make data-driven business decisions for direct marketing, site selection, and customer relationship management.

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End to End Marketing

Encompasses the whole content workflow, from acquisition and capture, to delivery and results, using a single seamless integrated platform and vendor.

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Sales Lead

Whichever sales industry you work in, the first step is always going to be the same-to qualify your sales leads to determine how good they are.

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Sale Intelligence

Drive more business through new prospects and accelerate sales. Procure insights to your sales beyond possibilities.

Custom Search
Custom Search

Implementing personalization of user experiences in fetching marketing solutions. Pick a strategy, tweak, and tune your search.

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Marketing Intelligence

A micro perspective into intricate customer details

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A Hub for the latest marketing trends and strategies.

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Data Card

A Quick Guide To The Most Important Insights.

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The opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills.