About us

We are data sequoia. TACTQ will be an auspicious stroke of serendipity for your data exigency.

Enrich Your Data

TACTQ can append variants in data attributes to enrich existing data.

Qualify Your Leads

Crank the usual approach to repulsive leads and schedule a sales opportunity with qualified leads.

Prospect Intelligently

Discover intuitive sales prospects with new data epoch.

Expert marketers guide for best strategies over businesses

You have reached the sales acceleration platform, TACTQ

TACTQ delivers effective marketing solutions with agile, cost-effective and high-quality b2b data Business to Business (B2B) Contact Data. With our data profiling tools, we analyze each lead source and create a forecast based on leads’ value to suit your business needs. We help you to take your business to the next level with greater brand visibility and increased revenue growth.



Targeted Research

Discover the right area to focus on with our target research before any vital sales process goes awry.

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Forecasted Leads

Forecast leads that provide the business executives with higher insights into the organization's anticipated headway.

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Integrated Solutions

Embellished, seamless integration of existing business processes and systems so as to deliver a satisfying outcome.

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What We Do

Data Stewardship

Tactical and strategic data governance to manage the lapse of data assets.

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End to End Marketing

A single integrated platform driven by the cycle of strategy creation, delivery and execution.

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Sales Lead

Pave out if not carve the way to reach the requisite efficient sales lead.

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Marketing Intelligence

Develop a deeper insight into the consumer psyche and intricate details.

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