Improve Your Email Campaigns with These 5 Best Practices

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Improve Your Email Campaigns with These 5 Best Practices

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers.

Have you ever come across the question that does Email Marketing works? If so then the answer is a big Yes, when compared to other marketing channels email marketing reaches more customers and generates a better return on investment (ROI).

A Short survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric in the United States proved that email achieved a median ROI of 122% which was more than 4 times greater than any other marketing formats(such as Social Media, Direct Mail, and Paid Search).

Now the question is how to sign up more subscribers, boost engagement, optimize deliverability, and increase the opens, clicks, and conversions for your email campaigns.

Here we have listed out the 5 best email campaign practices of 2019 that boost open and click rates, increase your subscriber lifetime value, and reduce churn!

Focus on Your Subject Line

Start with crafting an effective subject line to your emails because it affects email click-through rate, conversions, and importantly, unsubscribes.

Approximately 65% of people will mark an email as spam before they open it, just because of the subject line. So, always make sure that you nail the email subject line in such a way that it convinces a subscriber that your email is worth opening. Your subject line intends to reach the people who care about the content within your email to open it, not to get opened at any cost.

Introduce users to your funnel using Sharp CTA

A clear call to action wins the click. Yes, a clear CTA wins the click but not all CTA's can convince most of your leads to convert. But an effective CTA can inject your subscriber into the sales funnel, so think of creating a CTA as a marathon instead of a sprint.

CTAs don’t necessarily have to take your subscribers directly to a purchase page, so add a soft CTA for your content, giving subscribers an educational benefit, rather than a sales pitch. Your subscribers will only click your CTA if it appears to be offering them potentially interesting content, not some irrelevant content that is uninteresting or unhelpful.

Reminder: This can easily affect the conversion rate

Craft relevant content with a compelling offer

Your content is what'll keep your subscribers reading and lead them to click your links. If you want people to stay subscribed and share your emails in their network, then you need to create remarkable email content with a compelling offer.

Boost your customer engagement by giving them something to actually do when they open your email. Keep your email as short as possible, go heavy on the imagery, and add a personal element to your emails.

If there is any new sales rep in the office don’t provide him the targets at the first or second month. He might be new to your business genre and it definitely takes time to understand the business and get the deals.

Focus on mobile-friendly emails.

As a matter of fact, people rely more on mobile devices than desktop computers and 66% of email opens occur on smartphones or tablets. You will potentially miss out on a huge number of clicks if your emails aren't optimized for viewing on these devices.

How to make your emails mobile-friendly?

  • It's simple, instead of giant walls of text keep your sentences under 25 words with punchy headlines and paragraphs two or three sentences each.
  • Draft attention-grabbing content for the subject line.
  • Make text legible on small screens.
  • Make use of bullet points as they are easily scannable.
  • Limit the width of your email body to 650 pixels.
  • Use mobile-responsive email designs (70% of users delete emails that don’t work well on their phones.)

Use split testing

Unless you try and test different tactics you will never know which strategy works best for your specific audience. So to determine what gets more subscribers to your e-mail lists start a game of trial-and-error.

Use A/B testing or split testing to determine what gets more subscribers to your e-mail lists. Send your emails to employee accounts and ensure that all your links work and messages look the way you want them to be.

  • Experiment with positioning & wording of subject lines and preheader text.
  • Try sending your emails at different times and days of the week
  • Test Format & layout, Featured image or copy.
  • CTA placements and types of buttons
  • And if you can think of anything else to test, test that, too!

Bonus points

  • Make use of the Preview text effectively.
  • Create Scannable emails and avoid hiding key information in images.
  • Resend emails - Don't be afraid to experiment by resending but try sending it with a different subject line at a different time of day.
  • Instead of getting spammed make it easy for your subscriber to unsubscribe

By following these 5 best practices you can improve your campaigns and design a successful marketing strategy in 2019, but the only way to learn & improve is to get out there and start emailing effectively.

Stay tuned for more!