Six Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Prospecting in 2019

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Six Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Prospecting in 2019

As a salesperson, you need the right tools to bring in the right customer. Tools that will help you to gather intelligence better, faster and engage prospects in an accurate way that helps you to close more deals. Here's a scenario where a top salesman in the company probably missed more than 90% of the team's sales, but he did make more calls than the others did.

However, how can you recognize who it is that you're calling and who has the higher hand in the lead nurturing process? This is where Sales intelligence tools come into play. Sales Intelligence Tools unleash the guesses and assumptions from the pitching process by providing you insights into prospects’ data which you can use to customize and tailor your pitch to suit the needs of your potential client. In this article, we've listed five of the best sales intelligence tools available for prospecting in 2019 which propel your business towards higher profitability.


Winmo is a versatile sales intelligence tool consisting of a regularly updated database, which is populated by its in-house researchers.

The best part of Winmo is that they don’t use any bots to verify and collect the information instead they use actual humans and this tool uses a targeted contact search to fetch the details about the right person to contact in an organization. It also provides sales predictions regarding potential sales opportunities and allows you to set custom alerts to follow up on hot leads.


Crystal makes your lead nurturing process a lot easier by using the DISC approach to assess the personality of a person.

Crystal gathers data by analyzing public social media profiles and email discussions whilst provides you unlimited psychological information and access to personality profiles. Crystal's Gmail extension provides a real-time suggestion about the prospect's personality and helps salespeople to adapt their pitch and communication style based on the buyer’s personality.


Vainu notifies you about the best time to contact a prospect to pitch your product or service.

Vainu uses a machine-learning algorithm to find useful business information to make it easy for the salesperson to close the deal. Vainu aggregates new signals every day and sends alerts to signals that most likely have an impact on the existing sales process and with its hundreds of filters, data visualization, notifies the best timing to contact prospects.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Most of the salespeople are using LinkedIn, but only a few are using the premium offering of LinkedIn, Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator's advanced search filters provide more detailed information about each prospect based on decision makers’ job titles and responsibilities. It also sends the users recommendations for leads who may be a good fit for the product of your organization and allows salespeople to find more meaningful ways to engage with both existing and new contacts.


ZoomInfo is upheld by a comprehensive B2B database, it ensures that you find the right people for your company with all the information which is needed to qualify a prospect.

ZoomInfo collects contact information via e-mail contacts and gets you the most direct contact information that will lead to more sales and bigger growth for your company. The tool allows you to obtain only the information you really need with its custom filter, you can filter by location, industry, job title, company revenue, and more.


TACTQ takes your business to next level with greater brand visibility and increased revenue growth with its wide B2B Database.

TACTQ delivers effective marketing solutions with agile, cost-effective, and high-quality b2b data. This tool helps you to find new prospects and improve the quality of your existing contact database by identifying your best buyers. It also provides potential sales opportunities and generates a higher return from your business.


No matter how skilled you are in pitching, it is always challenging to provide a personalized offer to each company you contact, close sales, nurture leads, and move leads along the sales funnel. Sales Intelligence Tools assist you and your team to keep up to date with new leads and insights.

Adopt any of these Sales Intelligence Tools to increase your overall sales in 2019. Without having the right data about your prospects and the right sales intelligence tools, you won’t sell anything.