Best 4 Ways to Use Buyer Intent Data Tools to Drive Sales

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Best 4 Ways to Use Buyer Intent Data Tools to Drive Sales

Users are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet as a research portal, this has driven variances in the way organizations market their products and services and these have led organizations to understand their customers precisely as it gives them a clearer understanding of where buyers are in the linear marketing funnel.

Buyer Intent Data is behavioral information collected about an individual's online activities. It helps marketers to put their customer's needs, wants, and interests at the center of sales and marketing campaigns. Simply put, it is those little clues prospective buyers leave to show that they are interested in your service/product. User keyword searches, email open rates, demographic information, and engagement rates are some of the metrics that contribute to buyer intent. Harnessing the power of buyer intent data opens communication lines, shortens the sales cycle, facilitates better lead generation, increased conversions, and converts browsers into long-term customers.

Buyer intent data tools make it easier to narrow down ideal prospects with buying intent by analyzing the customer journey into intent and typical buyer behavior. They often integrate with CRM, marketing account intelligence, and account-based execution software. Here are 4 ways to use buyer intent data tools for driving more sales.

Improve Lead Qualification - Create a perfect lead generation strategy by listing out the target leads that are fit to purchase your product or services. Use intent data in lead management, determine whether they're ready to buy, what interest they have in your solutions, dig into their product research activity, and remove those leads that do not match with your service. Buyer intent data tools highlight this information, allow you to decide the most effective way to pursue lead qualification and increase your chances of converting the lead.

Define Buyer Groups - Purchasing decisions aren't made by just one person in the B2B, they can have buyer groups who make unanimous decisions in procuring products/services, and appealing those unanimous personas is a bit more difficult. But buyer intent data tools allow you to analyze the buying process along with the entire organization of the target prospect into relevant stages and this helps your sales teams to craft perfect targeted messages for any target persona.

Create Personalized Sales Content - Crafting personalized content are crucial as it always reaches the prospects and builds strong relationships. User intent data give an exact insight into what should be included in those targeted messages, their interest, and challenges. With the help of the buyer intent tool, these aspects of interests and challenges can be tracked and identified appropriately and you can tailor the right messages to the target prospect by figuring out their buyer stage

Reduce Churn and Accelerate Sales Outreach - Intent data allows a more accurate deployment of your outreach strategy and includes pulling relevant sales intelligence to your target audience. Also, intent data tools help you to estimate when a customer is about to turn to a competitor for their product/service needs and notify the teams when competing solutions show up on the market, with your customers in the second thoughts.

Buyer intent data tools can not only land new customers but expand current customers’ interest in your brand and keep your sales team on top of their game by understanding prospects on a more granular level

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The Top 10 buyer intent data tools

  • ZoomInfo
  • Priority Engine
  • G2
  • Leadfeeder
  • Bombora
  • 6sense
  • PureB2B
  • Madison Logic Platform
  • Demandbase
  • RollWorks